How To Winterize Your Summer Clothes?

Who said summer clothes is only for summer ?

Just because it’s winter or cold outside it doesn’t mean you give up your summer clothes and end up wearing
those dull winter clothes or buying them, we all need some of these joyful colorful summer clothes in our
wardrobe during those gloomy days.

There is a lot of ways on how to keep your summer clothes and to save on your-selfs pockets; you don’t need
to buy a new winter wardrobe there are things in your summer wardrobe you can use during fall and winter but
with the hint of having that wintery feeling. These ways are super simple and anyone can do it.

If you are interested keep on scrolling.

  1. A summery maxi dress with your favorite hoodie, sweater
    Your favorite summer dress isn’t a waste anymore; in winter you can be cozy in it with your favorite
    hoodie or sweater.


  1. Coat it up
    You can wear whatever you want and with your favorite coat on top of it.


  1. Black , BLACK , black
    Black doesn’t need a specific season, age , time or occasion to look good in it.


  1. Sweatsuits
    The most important thing that you should be comfortable with what you’re wearing yet be fashionable;
    like wearing a sweatsuit with heels.


  1. Mini skirts with tights
    Mini skirts with tights is super cute for the winter weather


  1. Layer it all up
    How to be fashionable and warm in winter is to layer everything up.


  1. Denim on denim
    Denim on denim is a trend that will never end , let’s not forget it’s super cute.


  1. Sandals with socks
    It is weird when you think of it but when you wear it, it’s really nice and trendy.


  1. Oversized hoodies with high boots
    You can wear your oversized hoodie or sweater with thigh high boots.


  1. Turtle necks with your silk / slip on dress
    You can wear turtle necks under your slip on dress for an easy look.


By Jewel Wasfi






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