6 Awesome Designers That Transcended In ADW2017

Amman Design Week: Artistic Event That Refreshed Amman

The capital city of Jordan, Amman, has been revived and refreshed with modern aesthetic designs during Amman
Design Week. The events started on Oct 6 and continued until October 14th.

This was the second session of Amman Design Week that is held annually with the support of Her
Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah. The theme for this year was: "Design Moves Life Moves Design". Its core stands for
"collaboration, exchange, and the creation of momentum for the transfer of ideas, expressions and stories" as ADW
expresses it.

© Amman Design Week 2017

The designs and artistic elements of Amman Design Week varied between the modern and classic, local and global.
The facilities of the event included the works of both local and regional designers. For two years in a row, this event has
provided a platform for many artists that are looking to express freedom in their designs and hoping to reflect the beauty
of innovation inspired by this modern era.

The activities of the Week were held mainly in Hangar Ras Al Ain in addition to 50 other sites in Amman, which added
creative touches to this magnificent city, such as The Crafts District at Al Hussein Cultural Center, a photography gallery
at Jabal Al Weibdeh and other places and galleries

The local designers celebrated their creativity by creating an artistic focus on the traditional heritage and works
that reflect the culture of Jordan in the most beautiful ways. Amman Design Week has been blessed with local
food, folk songs and handcrafted pieces of pottery, ceramics and mosaics.

One of the most interesting local corners was Iraq Al Amir's. Iraq Al Amir Women Cooperative Society makes ceramic
dishes, cards and notebooks using natural materials such as okra and bananas' leaves.

Two tourist buying natural products from Iraq-Al Amir corner - @Shereen Nidal Nanish

There were also specialized programs for children, in which they were encouraged to explore different kinds of
tools and materials.

Moreover, Amman Design Week 2017 edition had a unique addition this time, the Mobile MakerSpace. The Mobile
MakerSpace is a small art truck that travelled through Amman to engage students and interested people in practical
workshops on crafts, robotics and environmental sustainability

The Mobile MakerSpace - @Shereen Nidal Nanish


2017 The Student Exhibition

​“This year’s highlight is the first ever Amman Design Week Student Exhibition. Selected students are taking part in
a mentorship program, where they work one-on-one with design specialists and experts to develop ideas and produce
design works.” © Amman Design Week 2017.

© Amman Design Week 2017


  • Enas Al-Khaza'leh – My Unlimited Universe

Small pieces make the magnificent whole! That what Enase's shows. She used colored glass pieces that create
an amazing image when combined together. Enas studies doctorate pharmacy at Jordan University of Science and Technology.


  • Roa'a Ashour - Zakhrafa

Roa'a's design consists of small wood cubes that make beautiful prints using ink. Her design shows her passion
and love for the Arabic language. Roa'a Ashour holds a BA in graphic design from the University of Petra.


  • Sama Al-Zou'bi – Unnatural Nature

Sama makes the Black Iris flower from black plastic waste bags. Her design reflects the environmental problem
that we have in Jordan, and that's caused by pollution. Sama is a 10th-grade student at King's Academy.


2017 The Hangar Exhibition

“The 2017 Hangar Exhibition, curated by Ahmad Humeid, presents work by local and regional designers in
response to the theme of ‘movement’, whether physical, intellectual, cultural, or social.” © Amman Design Week 2017

© Amman Design Week 2017


  • Hala Ghatasheh – Stray Collection

Hala is an experienced media architect. Her design is a conceptual jewelry collection that merges the world
of fashion, architecture and technology in a creative way.


  • Hana'a Jubeh – Car Chair

Hana has created -along with her team- a Car Lift that is used to support and move a person in a wheelchair to
a car with ease. Hana'a has a BA in Architecture from The University of Jordan.


  • Ola Medanat - Personification

Ola is a jewelry designer, her work is innovative and inspired by what surrounds her. She uses gold, silver and
crystal pieces to make unique rings, bracelets and other things. She established her own store in Amman almost
five years ago.



Finally, Amman Design Week finished on 14 October leaving behind a unique artistic footprint in the city for the year 2017..



By Shereen Nidal Nanish



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