Fashion Trends Of The Past Making A Comeback In 2018

There’s tremendous beauty in the development of fashion and its various forms. Back in the 19th century,
Charles Frederick Worth who is considered to be one of the first authorized clothing designers, set up a
design house in Paris. Anonymous tailors and dressmakers produced his clothing. Furthermore, Worth’s
fashion standards were derived from the styles worn by royalty.

Two centuries later, there are plenty of fashion design houses and well-known luxurious brands. However,
not all of us can afford high-cost and fancy clothes, shoes, and accessories. But regardless of our lifestyle
or income, inspiration and influence ought to be found in both the history of fashion, and its splendid former
trends. 2018 is just around the corner. Therefore we have gathered some interesting trends of the past that
are making a significant comeback:


  • Pencil Skirts

Pencil skirts have a prolonged history in western fashion. Hobble skirt is the predecessor to the pencil skirt, a
pre-World War I fad inspired by the Ballets Russes (a ballet company based in Paris that performed between
1909 and 1929 throughout Europe). Christian Dior, a French designer, introduced the classic modern pencil skirt
in his 1954 Autumn Winter collection.

As of 2017-2018, brands such as Gucci, Fendi, Prada and Max Mara are boosting the appeal of the pencil skirt.
This type of skirt is slim-fitting with a straight, narrow cut. Generally, the hem falls to, or is just below, the knee
and is tailored for a close fit. Nowadays there’s a dazzling variety of pencil skirt designs in terms of size, fabric
and colour. That being said, women have a lot of options in pursuit of building their own personal styles and
feeling empowered.



  • Coloured Velvet

There’s been a noticeable amount of velvet clothes on the runways lately. While velvet hasn’t been a popular
fabric over the past few years, it seems to be inspiring many designers in 2017. The term “velvet” refers to the
composition of the fabric, not the fiber (wool or cotton). The fabric is distinguished by its pile which is very dense
and saturated, catching light in a unique way.

Despite having a strong association with European nobility, it is most commonly believed that velvet has originated
from the Oriental culture. The oldest pieces of velvet featuring low, untrimmed piles have been found in
China ( 221-206 B.C.).

Some magnificent velvet clothes shined during the New York Fashion Week in October 2017. Designers like
Armani, Tom Ford and Victoria Beckham are using this fabric a lot in their upcoming deep-coloured collections.
Undoubtedly, velvet has a glamorous old Hollywood vibe which can be associated with many astounding cinema
icons such as Rita Hayworth, Jean Harlow and Lauren Bacall.


  • Rockabilly Style

Fashion goes all the way back to the 1950s rockabilly style, inspiring the 2018 men’s collections of
Dries Van Noten, Dior Homme, and Haider Ackermann. The word ‘rockabilly’ is a mixture of ‘rock’ and ‘hillbilly’ –
referencing the cross between rock ‘n’ roll and country music. Initially popularized by renowned artists such as
Elvis Presley and Jerry Lee Lewis, rockabilly gets a revival in the late 1970s and early 1980s. Since then, this
genre of music and its image have maintained as a subculture in both music and fashion.

But what does a rockabilly look consist of? For guys - comprised of leather biker and denim jackets, jet black
jeans, bowling and plaid shirts, and two-tone brogues or chunky boots. And of course, quiff haircuts cannot be
neglected. Today’s rockabilly aesthetic celebrates the vintage characteristics of the style. Nonetheless, there is
an edgier undertone in contemporary rockabillies which makes alterations to elements of punk rock and indie
looks. Furthermore, designers Dior Homme and Dries Van Noten are not afraid to experiment, applying perky
stripes and bright colours to their rock’n’roll designs.


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