Blue Whale: A Fatal Game Crawling Its Way Into Our Homes


We have all heard about this game that has been floating around in social media, and even though it doesn’t have that huge of a presence here in Jordan, it is found in our neighbor countries. We do not want it to spread around amongst the impressionable kids of Jordan.  It is an epidemic that must be prevented at all costs and like always the first step of prevention is acknowledging the existence of the problem.



  • What is Blue Whale?

            Blue Whale is an online game with its name going back to the blue whale that is known for its tendency to drift off and go near beaches to commit suicide after being separated from its pack. The game is made up of 50 levels, starting off with easy tasks like waking up at awkward times of the night, and then it evolves into watching horror movies, cutting people off and not talking to anyone for 48 hours at a time, leading to self-harm including carving a blue whale onto their arms and sending the administrators of the game a picture as proof. The final level is when the administrators ask the player to either stab themselves or to jump off a high building. Some would be more aware and try to quit the game when it starts becoming dangerous; however, the administrators would have hacked the IP of the device that was used to play the game and access personal information of the player and their family. That information would be used to threaten the kid with the lives of their loved ones and their own. This pushes them to comply with the rules of the game and doing everything that was asked of them; resulting in 150 deaths recorded this past year because of this game.


  • Top dangerous 10 tasks of the Blue Whale Fatal Game:


Countries Where Cases have been Recorded:

  • Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  • Bangladesh
  • Brazil
  • Bulgaria
  • India
  • Italy
  • Russia


Symbol of the game

Ways of Prevention:

  • Monitoring children’s online activity and making sure they aren’t being misled with the use of these games.
  • Teaching kids at a young age the responsibility that comes with properly using the internet.
  • Having an open communication with kids and have them completely trust parents and tell them about everything that happens with them.
  • Mostly kids with mental illnesses fall prey to this deadly game, so getting your kids the help and attention they need will stop them from participating in this game that would cost them their lives.


         The Blue Whale is an extremely dangerous game, but is nevertheless just an online game. It can be easy to stop it from affecting your household and not having to ever deal with it. It’s always better to be safe than sorry, so take precautionary measures.


By Rania Samara



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