A Brief Look At The Dark Side Of Hollywood

Hollywood is the life of entertainment. Over the past decades, many Hollywood stars have come and gone, but the significance and relevancy of Hollywood stays supreme to this day. We are all aware of the light, joyous and contented side of Hollywood but like every other thing, Hollywood has a dark side to it as well.

There have been a few infamous incidents and mishappenings in the past that have brought the dark side of Hollywood to people’s attention. Take a dip into the darkest web of Hollywood.

  • Black Dahlia Mystery


Out of all the dark and infamous incidents in Hollywood, the death of Black Dahlia is the most frightening one. Elizabeth Short, an American woman (often referred to as Black Dahlia) was found dead in the Leimert Park neighbourhood of Los Angeles, California. Her body had been cut in half and appeared to have been drained of blood with precision. She was murdered. As a matter of fact, she had cut deep gashes into the corners of her mouth, creating a mysterious, deadly, clown-like smile.

Back in the day, the murder immediately became the talk of the town. However, the reason of this infamous murder is still unknown and the murderer was never caught.


  • Celebrity Statements and Crimes

Many celebrities have come forward in the past to make people aware of Hollywood’s dark side. There have been many cases of director/producer abusing young talent or actors. One such case was when Tippi Hedren accused Alfred Hitchcock of sexually assaulting her in his limo. She stated that Hitchcock would threaten to ruin her career when she rejected his advances.

Hedren stated that Hitchcock would get angry whenever he saw her talking to any other man on the set. She stated that Hitchcock was so obsessed with her that he constructed a replica of her face into a mask for himself and then refused whenever she wanted to work with any other director.

A lot of film directors and big names have been involved in severe and shameful crimes in the past. Popular director Roman Polanski committed one such horrible crime when he raped a 13-year-old girl back in 1977. He only served 42 days in prison for this horrendous crime and later still managed to stay relevant and won multiple awards including a lifetime achievement award.


  • Current Situation

There is a dark and disgusting side of Hollywood even today. Popular Hollywood actress Megan Fox once spoke out in an open letter that she had a bad time working with director Michael Bay. She auditioned for Transformers, and her experiences with the director were really bad, and it all seemed quite creepy to her.

The actress also stated that she was continually getting verbally abused from the crew members of her movie. They badmouthed and demeaned her by telling her that she was best suited for porn.

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