Cozmo Hosts Founder & Owner Of Bob’s Red Mill, Bob Moore

(Amman, Jordan – November 7, 2017) – Cozmo, the Kingdom’s premier supermarket chain, recently hosted Bob Moore, the founder and owner of Bob’s Red Mill, for an event at its flagship 7th Circle location, in cooperation with KitchenAid and Juthour, a local provider of healthy, natural, and organic food products‎. The event was attended by a large number of Cozmo customers, local media representatives, and social media influencers.

The meet and greet began with an introductory speech delivered by Bob Moore himself, during which he shared the story of how he came to establish Bob’s Red Mill and the journey that transformed the company into the thriving business it is today. Bob’s passion for health can be seen in the high-quality products his business sells, including a wide range of all-natural grains, flours, mixes, oats, baking aids, and gluten-free goods. Bob and his business strives to deliver healthy, wholesome, whole-grain food products to customers across the globe.

Following Bob’s inspirational speech, attendees were treated to a delicious sampling of healthy, natural pastries and baked goods, produced by the Cozmo Bakery using an array of Bob’s Red Mill products. The event was then concluded with a book-signing for Bob’s latest cookbook, which features an inspiring selection of recipes for health-conscious consumers.

This event is one of the many engaging activities that Cozmo proudly hosts for its customers, in line with its commitment to delivering an endless selection of local and international products, including many that cater to modern, health-conscious consumers. Through events and activities like these, Cozmo endeavours to go above and beyond the everyday shopping experience.

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