The 10 Most Instagrammable Spots in Amman

Amman is well known for its seven hills and Roman ruins, but also more recently for its colorful murals, art galleries and tucked away cafes and restaurants. So whether you want to play tourist in your own city or are visiting for the first time, we’ve rounded up ten of the best locations around town for your Insta-opportunities!

1. Amman Citadel

An obvious choice, but no mention of Amman would be complete without it.
We recommend visiting around sunset to watch the sky change color as it fills up with
kites made by the kids of the Jabal Al Qala’a neighborhood.Bonus: you can get excellent pictures of the Roman Amphitheatre and Downtown Amman from the top.

Source: @hilves


2.This Aquarium Inspired Stairway 

Rich with history Amman is filled with ancient stairways that connect the city. Thanks
to initiatives like the Baladk Project and An Urban Reflection, many of those stairways
have now been transformed into colorful works of art by international street artists. We’re currently loving this stairway in Rainbow street because if we don’t have an aquarium in the city, why not paint one?

Source: @anitabursheh


3. Darat Al Funun

Darat Al Funun is a home for arts by artists from the Arab world, housed in six renovated historic buildings and warehouses, with a restored archeological site in a garden overlooking downtown Amman. We can’t decide whether we like the indoor space or the garden better; both offer guests hours of inspiration and great Instagram shots.

Source: @najwan.abushawareb

4. The Duke’s Diwan

No trip to downtown Amman is complete without a visit to the Duke’s Diwan - one of

the oldest, well preserved stone buildings in the city, which served as Amman’s first

post office. The Diwan has become a time capsule with its doors always open for artists,photographers, writers and passersby. The way the sunlight enters the space through the lace curtains draping over its blue rustic window panes, make this place a photographer’s dream. Did we mention the tiny balcony overlooking Habibah Sweets - one of the oldest Knafeh parlor’s in Amman?

Source: @yuliakostina


5. Jasmine House Art and Food

A feast for your taste buds and eyes! Jasmine House Art and Food is a 1950’s inspired Italian house in Jabal Al Weibdeh, whose walls showcase the work of local artists, while it’s open kitchen serves the most authentic Italian food you can have in Amman. Founded in 2014 by the late Anglo-Jordanian photographer Sami Haven and his Italian friends, who still run this place to date, Jasmine House stands as a testament to young talent and true friendship.

Source: @issakhoury


6. Kava Espresso and Brew Bar

Instagram and coffee are meant for each other. If you’re looking for the best cup of
specialty coffee in Amman, then head to Kava. This cozy, tucked away cafe in Abdoun is perfect for enjoying a cup or more of freshly brewed coffee while basking in the afternoon sun on the beautiful patio, or for snapping that darling shot for your Instagram feed. Latte art, red brick walls, and a patterned floor, need we say more?

Source: @kava_jordan


7. NOFA Creative Space

Hidden down a narrow alley in Rainbow Street, NOFA is a venue that perfectly combines history, culture, and art. NOFA regularly hosts musical evenings, seminars and speaker series. Pass by during the day and you might be lucky enough to catch an artist rehearsing in preparation for an evening show or simply enjoy catching up with a good book on the lovely patio.

Source: @chloe_first

8. The Roman Amphitheatre

Another obvious choice, but how can we not mention this grand gem and historic cultural hub in the heart of downtown Amman. The magnificent Insta-shot you can get all the way from the top, is well worth the climb.



9.Shams El Balad Cafe

This rustic cafe in Jabal Amman is branded for its classic Jordanian breakfast featuring seasonal dishes and celebrating local products. Whether you decide to enjoy your food indoors amongst the charming interiors or head out to the terrace overlooking Amman’s Citadel in the distance, we guarantee you a beautiful shot for your Instagram feed. Think oriental teapots and vibrant mezze for that flat lay food shot. Tip: Visit during weekdays or early on weekends to avoid the weekend brunch madness.

Source: @sikustyle


10. “The Plastic Mannequin” Mural

Dozens of colorful murals are scattered around Jabal Al Weibdeh and the surrounding
neighborhoods, but our pick has to be “The Plastic Mannequin” by Lebanese Street Artist: Yazan Halawani. Located next to the Southern gates of Darat Al Funun, “The Plastic Mannequin” is meant to tease passerby’s instincts to try and put a single label of origin on the mannequin which is dressed in a hybrid folklore dress that combines elements from Jordanian, Palestinian and Circassian folkloric dresses. Because at the end of the day, does it really matter where anyone comes from?

Source: @yazanhalawani


What are your favorite Insta-worthy spots in Amman?

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